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Kanabo Lashes. Have been specializing in the production of making false eyelashes, During these years, Working quietly behind for best results, Make and design professional eyelashes and offer private label OEM & ODM service.
Came into being, convergence at the domestic and international fashion needs, We are the most professional and experiences eyelashes extension manufactures in China.
With more than years manufacturing experiences, we have exported all kinds of eyelashes to Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria and other regions and countries. We can supply high-quality lashes with lowest prices to wholesalers. And well received by customers, popularity increase year by .

Product Description

Everything Comes From Design

Our designer is one of only two eyelash designers in the country: Ophelia Harris. Our designers only design 10 eyelashes a year, and the new eyelashes will be popular when they come out. If you have become our old customer, our designers can also design eyelashes according to your own ideas. Our eyelashes introduce new styles every year, leading the fashion trend of eyelashes again and again.

Each of our eyelashes has a design concept. The design concept of this year’s newly designed eyelashes is “rose”: it represents youth, fashion, romance, nobleness…

Beauty Can Make Life More Exciting

Our eyelashes come in many styles, and the differences between the styles are large and easy to distinguish. Our main product, 3D Mink Lashes, has more than 100 different styles. The 3D effect makes the eyelashes perfect from every angle. You can choose the right eyelash depending on the occasion you use. We have the low-key luxury style that we wear in our lives, the high-end atmosphere that we wear at the party, the exaggeration and the uniqueness of the bar and masquerade. The choice of each style will make you more beautiful, more charming and more confident.

What Is The Raw Material?

Our eyelashes are all made of Siberian mink, the best quality. The eyelashes have good gloss and long peaks and are more natural. All are cruel and cruel.

What Is The Production Process?

Our eyelashes are all processed using physical principles and do not use any chemical additives. I believe that in the process of purchasing eyelashes, you must have encountered a large irritating mascara. This irritating lash is made of chemical products. This lash is not only of poor quality, but also long-term use. The damage to the body is very large. Our eyelashes use the physical thermal principle to fix the curl of the eyelashes without any impact on the human body and without irritating odor.

Usage Count

Our eyelashes can be used 20-25 times. After washing, it will not deform and lint. After washing, just use a hair dryer to dry it back to the original appearance

Production method

Our eyelashes are all handmade, ensuring consistent hair length and uniform length. Our workers can only make 10 pairs of eyelashes per person per day.

Who Are You?

Are You A Retailer? Or Use It Yourself?

Yes, we also do retail. Our goal is to let our eyelashes go to every corner of the world, so that every lady who loves beauty can wear our eyelashes.

Are You A Wholesaler?

Yes, we are the most professional eyelash supplier in China. I am very happy that you can come to our website and I am very happy to introduce you to such a quality product. As a seller of eyelashes, you know more than anyone who knows how to find a good eyelash supplier. A poor quality eyelash supplier will not only bring you any profit, but also bring you a lot of After-sales issues, user complaints. So, congratulations, you found us, I hope we can have a chance to cooperate, I believe that you will always choose us as your proprietary eyelash supplier.

You Just Want To Know The Product Or The Price?

You are very welcome to come to our website, we have compiled the most comprehensive and professional knowledge of water eyelashes. Click here to see the knowledge of the eyelashes. The price of the eyelashes must be determined by the quality of the eyelashes. Our eyelashes come in three different grades. (Click here to view different grades of eyelashes.) All of our products are quality-assured and will undergo a rigorous review before leaving the factory. You can purchase them with confidence.

Kanabo Mink Lashes Factory is the most professional eyelash factory in China. It has long been dedicated to designing, producing and selling 3 D mink eyelashes , regular mink eyelashes, 3 D velvet eyelashes, and ordinary velvet eyelashes. With 20 years of experience, Our factory has become the largest manufacturer of eyelashes in Shandong, China, and an eyelash foreign trade supplier.

High quality is our eternal pursuit. After 10 years of foreign trade and export, our product quality and style have been unanimously approved by European and American countries. Especially the 3 D mink eyelashes have become popular in Europe and the United States. 3 D mink lashes are made from wild mink natural shedding hair. Its characteristics are realistic and comfortable. The 3 D mink eyelashes are suitable for deep eyes of friends from Europe and America.

In addition to quality, innovation is our long-term pursuit, we have the most dedicated design team, from the United States handsome confident JERRY, as well as beautiful vivien from France and so on. Our design is not only based on the comfort of the eyelashes itself, it is more important to design eyelashes suitable for global friends. We are committed to creating the world’s most professional design, production, sales eyelashes company, can see our eyelashes around the world.

Eyelashes are ours and beauty is everyone’s. We are committed to serving beautiful people like you all over the world with our belief in high quality and low price. We look forward to establishing and maintaining a pleasant relationship with you!

Kanabo Mink Lashes Factory And Sales Office

Chaumet Mink Eyelashes Produce

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The Way To Cooperation With US

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3.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Payment 1.T/T 2.W/U 3.M/G 4. Paypal 5.Alibaba

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How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

For a novice, wearing false eyelashes for the first time is a difficult task, but after a period of practice, wearing eyelashes is a very easy thing for you.First of all, you have to choose the lashes that suit you. There are many styles of eyelashes, according to their own eyes, face to choose the style of eyelashes, can not blindly choose. Secondly,need to purchase a special eyelash glue, the quality of the eyelash glue is very important, because the glue will be close to the eyes. If the quality of the eyelash glue is poor, it may hurt your eyes. Of course, Our Factory also has eyelash glue, and the quality is excellent. In the end, you also need to prepare a special tweezers. As the largest eyelash supplier in Shandong, Our Factory also produces tweezers.And you also need prepare a special brush .

Everything is ready and we can wear eyelashes. Take the glue and apply it as close as possible to the lash line. Use the eye liner as a guide. After the glue has dried a little, stick the eyelashes to the eye from the inside out, then use the tweezers to adjust the eyelashes and press the root of the false eyelashes to completely fix it. Repeat this step for the other eye. Looks like it is very simple. right ? You haven’t worn false eyelashes. False eyelashes will make your eyes bigger, deeper, more attractive.

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