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The most popular 3d eyelashes

We have four different styles of lashes, 15/20/22/25mm lashes


Although 3d silk eyelashes application is quite simple, you should choose the most naturally looking lashes you can find to begin with. You can vary the appearance by using mascara later. Try using half strips or small clumps until you get used to them before moving on the full strips lashes.

What are the hottest eyelashes on the market right now, no doubt 25mm lashes. It’s hot beyond our imagination, our inventory doesn’t keep up with customer demand, Our eyelashes are made by hand. This is a work that requires art and inspiration. Every worker who can make an 25mm Lashes is unique. The 25mm Lashes manufacturing process is very complicated, so we produce 15 pairs of eyelashes per day per employee.

18mm Siberian Mink Lashes 3d35yl
mink lashes 3d66
mink lashes 3d75
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