Our eyelashes

2019-04-11 blog No Comments

Recently the company has added many new styles of eyelashes.Although the eyelashes are very small, the designers in our factory have designed many different types of eyelashes, which are very popular in European and American countries.Between subtle difference, can show the beauty of each eyelash.Not …..

Colorful tweezers

2019-03-29 blog No Comments

Tweezers are a great aid when it comes to wearing false eyelashes. Our company not only has a wide variety of false eyelashes and boxes, but also tweezers in very different colors. A beautiful eyelash can bring us beautiful mood  

Fashionable 25mm eyelashes

2019-03-28 blog No Comments

Now more and more people like 25mm eyelash.The 25mm eyelashes were designed by our designers for the first time. After entering the market, they were very popular, from then on, a large number of 25mm eyelashes became popular in the market Our eyelashes are handmade, …..

Fashionable eyelash box

2019-03-27 blog No Comments

Eyelash more and more get the love of people, when we buy a pair of beautiful eyelash, the package of eyelash also is indispensable.Lashes packaging let our lashes look more classy, more attractive to customers.A beautiful eyelash box will make our eyelash lovers like eyelashes …..

A variety of eyelash options

2019-03-25 blog No Comments

We are a quality eyelash supplier, our eyelash style is various. We have four different styles of lashes, 15/20/22/25mm lashes   Although 3d silk eyelashes application is quite simple, you should choose the most naturally looking lashes you can find to begin with. You can …..

How to make yourself more fashionable

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  In this world of fast fashion, are you catching up? In a world of choices, do you have the right choices? There are many ways to be beautiful, no matter which one, We all want to be a beautiful person.         …..

Eyelash Extensions

2018-10-27 blog No Comments

How To Cope With Eyelash Loss Many women and men nowadays, suffer from thinning eyelashes and eyelash loss for a variety of different reasons eyelash extensions. It may not seem like a big problem, but for many it is a serious and unpleasant fact of life. …..

False Eyelashes

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Beautiful Eyelashes Make Your Eyes Even More Stunning The eyes play a major role in people’s perception of your overall beauty. Having beautiful eyes is a big deal from a beauty standpoint. Many women turn to eye shadows and eye liners to enhance their eyes. …..

3D False Mink Eyelashes

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3D False Mink Eyelashes Achieving long, full eyelashes can prove to be messy and time consuming. Achieving thicker lashes doesn’t have to be a burden, because there a variety of options available that can give you results with 3D False Mink Eyelashes. From home remedies …..

A Breakthrough Boosting Formula!

2018-06-01 blog No Comments

L’Oreal has churned out a number of different mink fake eyelashes products over the years, wowing consumers with the impressive and effective results as well as innovative design and colors and so the release of their new lash boosting serum and its breakthrough eyelash formula comes …..

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