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Best-selling order for 16mm eyelashes

Now wearing eyelashes is not only the act of beauty, but also a sense of ritual in life

What we bring to you today is our best-selling 16mm eyelashes. No matter the style or quality, our eyelashes are carefully selected.

Today’s client is a mother of four who wants to make her family richer with some of her eyelash business

As the client’s box was still being printed, the clever mother came up with the idea of taking a picture of her first, and she started advertising the picture, selling eyelashes on a pre-ordered basis,I took some photos of her eyelashes

First, I chose some white boxes, they look clean and elegant

I took a lot of pictures, and video, and she also managed to sell some eyelashes by pre-order

Today I successfully arranged the delivery for her. She was so happy that she said she would purchase the second order soon

I believe stick to one thing, as long as you work hard, and fight for it, you can succeed

Feel free to contact me, I will provide you with the best quality service and the best wholesale prices

My WhatsApp account is +86 13121970163   


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