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Big Promotion For VIP Customers With Amzon Products !!!

Big Promotion For VIP Customers With Amzon Products !!!

Kanabo Lashes is the Best Eyelash Vendors Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Manufacturer. With fast delivery,high quality MInk Lashes and thoughtful after-sales service. Kanabo Lashes has won the trust and support of thousands of mink eyelash entrepreneurs, and has become the best Mink Lashes wholesale Vendors both in the United States and the world.

In order to thank Our VIP customers for their support, we have recently launched several popular sample packs on Amazon.

Pack 1:

500 pcs 1.5inch pink Thank You Stickers Amazon. Many customers consult Personalised Thank You Stickers. If you don’t know the quality, most people won’t spend dozens of dollars to customize the thank-you post for the private logo directly. The cost of a few dollars Thank You Stickers Template is very low, and it is the best choice for you to start a small business.

Quantity: 1 Roll (500 pcs)


Pack 2:

The four pairs of Eyelash Books include: a stylish eyelash book, 4 pairs of best-selling Faux Mink Eyelashes Wholesale and 4 beautiful pink eyelash brushes. The box of this eyelash book can also be customized with your private label, but the minimum order quantity is 50, and it is shipped from China.

The Eyelash books include :

4 pairs Faux mink lashes

4 beautiful pink brushes

one pink lash book empty

Price: $9.99

Pack 3:

Eyelash Curler is one of the indispensable tools for wearing False Eyelashes For Beginners. The rose gold Eyelash Curler looks more elegant.

Quantity: 1 pc

Pack 4:

There are three types of Eyeliner Glue Pen for you to choose from. All three Eyeliner Glue Pens are black, but they look different. We have prepared three Eyeliner Glue Pen Box to pack them separately. Because the goods have arrived at the Amazon warehouse, the outer packaging cannot be changed. If you like our products and want to order in bulk, and you want to customize the Private Label Eyeliner Pen, we can help you ship it from China. (Bulk purchase, cheap shipping)

Quantity:1 pc

Color: 3 (Can choose any one color u want)

Price: $7.99

Pack 5:

The two Lash Adhesive Glues are shown in the picture. The white Lash Glue Wholesale will be transparent after it dries. When our glue is sold offline, the quality feedback is very good. If you want a single sample, you can place an order to try. And we can do Private Label Eyelash Glue for large quantities, don’t worry.

Items: Black Glue /  White (Clear) Glue

Quantity: 1 pc

Color: 2 colors  (Can choose any one color u want)

Price: $9.99

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