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Eyelash Packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes Usa Private Label

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  1. Hi, I am interested in purchasing some eyelash packaging from your company! Please give me an email or text for more information! I do not have a WhatsApp so you can email me directly, thank you!

  2. How to get custom Eyelash boxes made with your company and what is your website name and do you have a pricing list Love the custom packagings, interested in pricing info.

  3. how do i get in contact with you for some samples of lash boxes?

  4. How do I put my own name and logo on custom packaging? To start my business and customize my own custom Eyelash packaging ?

  5. Hello I am interested on getting the private label lashes so I can make up my own lash name and sell them in my Beauty salon but I don’t wanna spend a lot on it actually I wanna do a credit type thing please get back to me thank

  6. Hi I was wanting to start my own lash line I was wanting to know your pricing your eyelash options the custom eyelash packaging prices and the process of how everything works.
    Thank you

  7. Hi, I’m writing you from Barbados.
    I’m interested in purchasing some of your companies mink lashes and wholesale custom eyelash packaging box and I’m willing and eager to do business with you guys. I want to purchase your goods in wholesale in all of the various styles of the mink lashes you guys provide. With saying that I would also like to know if your company does shipments straight to Barbados , and if so can you please let me know what the cost would be of the shipment and with that I would also like to see a price list of the mink lashes and the different styles the company sells.
    If it is possible I would also like to know how much you guys sell your mink lashes boxes at and also what offers do you guys have .
    For any further contact you are free to reach me at ; 1246-258-0322 (WhatsApp)

    I’ll be eagerly waiting for your response .

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