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How Do You Negotiate With Your Eyelash Vendor?

How Do You Negotiate With Your Eyelash Vendor?

Most people want to start a 3D mink lashes business line but have no idea to negotiate with the Mink Lash Vendor. Today , Kanabo Lashes will show you the details about how to negotiate with yourEyelash Vendor, that will help you make a right order with reasonable budget.

1.Show your order

First You should tell your lashes vendor what your want to order , and they will show you the correct mink lashes catalog to you , and you can choose the style you want to order. Talk About the products details (like MOQ, Custom Packaging With Logo, Production Time, Payment methord etc)And then you should tell your mink lashes vendor the quantity you want to order or send to your order list ,and they will check the wholesale price for you.

Wholesale Mink Lashes
Wholesale Mink Lashes

2.Show your Budget

Just tell your Lashes Manufacturer your budget and your order, and they will check the cost and match the best plans for you , and tell you how many style you can order and how to start the order .

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box With Logo
Custom Eyelash Packaging Box With Logo

3.Save Your Money

First , you can add some more to earn a low price. And if you order lashes , you can order custom lash boxes together, in this way you can save shiping cost and you can ask for a good wholesale price from your mink lashes vendor. And they would love to reduce the price to make a good order for you . the more you order ,the low price you will get.

Second, order less lashes .You have to give up the bulk orders if you have a less budget. And you can just start your lashes first, and then test the market. And you can make all your money you invested back, and get your profits back. And then you can try to make a bigger order in next time.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box With Logo
Custom Eyelash Packaging Box With Logo

4. How to reduce the cost from your factory?

Eyelash Vendors
Eyelash Vendors

You may have two ways to reduce the cost of your lashes .First , you can order more lashes to get a lower price.Because most lashes vendor supply wholesale service. The more you order the cheaper price will be. so make a big order can get cheap price for each pairs!

Second,order eyelash box together.We have own Packaging factory can customiz the designs you  want, and if you order boxes together,you dont have to pay shipping cost again and we will put together u can sell directly!

5.Pay the deposit to get the best deal

Never miss an opportunity to get a low price . and you can pay the order deposit first , and when you have money, you can pay the order balance to get the best deal for uuu. As you know , some Top Seller style you have to wait to get the lashes .so you can pay deposit first to creat your order and keep the lashes for u .

Custom Square Lash Packaging
Custom Square Lash Packaging

More issues about the negotiation with your Mink Lashes Vendor , you can add whatsapp:+86 15376702794 to get the answer and skills .

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