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How To Change The Delivery Address After Placing Mink Eyelashes Order?

When you place order use paypal,the seller always tells you that they will deliver the goods to you according to the address on PayPal, because PayPal will protect the rights and interests of the buyer. If you use the correct address to buy but did not receive your goods, the courier company and the product you purchased The company will be responsible for your order and make corresponding compensation.

Recently, many customers have complained to Kanabo Lashes such a problem: If I bought Mink Eyelashes, I want to change my delivery address because I have moved house, is that ok? If so, how should I change it?Yes, if your address isn’t correct, you won’t get the order you paid for, which is really frustrating!!

OtherMink Eyelash Vendors will definitely say that it cannot be changed. Caused us a lot of trouble。However, considering the difficulties of customers, Kanabo Lashes as the Best 3D Mink Lash Vendorsprovide you with the best service experience. Therefore, we combined with fedex to win an opportunity to change the address of customers with these problems.

Now Kanabo lashes will teach you how to change the delivery address after completing the order.

1.First One, You have ordered a new Mink Eyelashes And Eyelash Packaging Boxes order. And your order is on the way, but you want to change the shipping address,so you need to get the rescheduled link from the picture and enter code:IHc23cdsgmwn,When you click in you will see the logistics information from your order,you need to enter your order information.

2.The Second,Click on this section “Mange your delivery” and enter your personal information,then when finish click “Continue”.


3.The Third,You need to click this section”Deliver to my address on a future date” after click the “Continue”.

4.The Finally,Enter you want the future delivered date.

Then don’t worry dear,you will recived your order in coeerct address!!

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