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How to customize your own packaging

We found that many customers did not know how to choose their own packaging when they started their eyelash business

First of all, an eyelash company must have its own brand logo

If you don’t have a logo, you can click here–Free logo design

Secondly, you need to choose a box you like,Our boxes are the most popular boxes according to the market.

They can meet most people’s requirements, and they have the clamshell design of the magnet box

and then tell us your idea of your own logo,or ask our professional designer to design the logo for you directly

 You can select our boxes from the list by clicking here:Popular packing box

After you have selected the box, the designer can start to design the logo for you according to your needs

Some customers don’t know what kind of logo they want, so our designer will design an appropriate logo according to the packaging box she chooses

       Producing the perfect eyelash box for your product is not as complicated as you might think. Through kanabolashes, you can visit our website and have the opportunity to work with our packaging experts. From conception to logistics, every step can provide you with better guidance. 

      In addition to service, we can also provide you with a variety of options to achieve your brand benefits. From different sizes, styles and printing options, you can customize any structure you want.

      We also offer additional craftsmanship, such as gilding, uv, embossing and dimming, to add different features and values to your branded boxes.Even better, with our five-star service, our prices are still the lowest in the market.


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