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How To Make Hair Bundles Look Most Natural?

How To Make Hair Bundles Look Most Natural?

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Whenever you want to look beautiful by adding wigs or hair extensions to your hair, everyone will start to comment that no wig is not natural, and wearing a wig cannot make you look natural. In fact, all of these are ancient The thought does not exist now. You can also make high-quality wigs that will always give you a natural beauty.

Even if you put the microscope on the best wigs in Hollywood, you can’t tell if they have come out of the scalp. When it comes to wigs, most people like them to be as natural as possible. Unless you want to go to drama, avant-garde looks or costumes. However, if you often wear a wig as a defensive type, you want it to look as natural as possible.

Customization is the secret to shaking your proud wig. If you are buying a silicone wig, investing in a mannequin or sewing by hand, there are some secrets to make the wig look as real as possible.

  • Choose The Desired Style

A good wig is an investment, so before leaving your hard-earned cash, ask yourself the following questions: Can I design a wig in various ways? Do I take off every night? Can I let some natural hair grow out? The answers to these questions will help you decide which wig to buy. For example, if you want to keep your hair in front, you can wear a wig with a hairpin on the hairline, which can be easily put on and taken off every night. You may also look for wigs with cutouts in the middle or side parts, such as U-shaped wigs or V-shaped wigs. This wig style allows you to retain some natural hair to cover up the seams of the wig.

  • Measure Correctly

Checking your desires sometimes requires checking yourself in the mirror. Although most wigs have soft elastic caps, some wigs come in various sizes. Before placing an order, please take a few minutes to measure your head to make sure you get the right wig cap. Get a tape measure, make sure your hair is flat to ensure accuracy, and measure the hat that fits your head like a glove. Measure the circumference of the head, the distance from the hairline to the neck pillow, the distance from the ear to the ear, the temple to the temple (wrap the tape around the back of the head), and then use the tape to pillow the neck strap.
You should also consider a natural hairline. If you have widow peaks or obvious side corners, it is recommended that you clip a wig behind your hairline to get the best combination.

  • Eliminate Knots

Regardless of whether the hair is normal or not, bleaching the hair can be overwhelming, but it is not necessary. Keep the consistency of the bleach thick, so as to reduce the tightness of the front of the lace or the seam without changing the color of the hair. Maintain the consistency of the bleach mixture, as it will seep into the lace when it is too water-permeable and brighten the hair.

  • Find the weaving pattern

After tailoring your hairline, it’s time to braid your natural hair. “This is arguably the most important move, because if your braids are flat, your wig will lie flat.”

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