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How To Start Lash Business in social Media?

How To Start Lash Business in social Media?

Now social media have stead of TV and newspaper, everyone in social media showing the life everyday. you are in and together, do you want to do lash business in your social media, and let social media become a part of earning money. We are Lash Vendor Kanabo Lashes, Today I will share a little experience about how to sell mink strip eyelashes in social Media.

Mink Lash Vendor
Mink Lash Vendor

Do Small Business in Social Media

When you browse in instragram or Tiktok or Youtube, you can find so many beauties are doing small business . When you find this post you will know you also can do lash business in your social media.

1, We can help you Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box solution

2,We can supply you Best 3D Mink Lashes, this is most important for you to get faithful customers

3.We can take pictures and videos for you to promote eyelash business on social media platform

We have successfully supported thousands of customers created their own lash brand, and they promoted their lash business very well, of course they earned their huge profits!

How to use Social Media to do your Lash Business

Using social media as a form of advertisement is the cheapest, quickest and overall easiest form of marketing available to you. It takes just minutes, reaches a wide variety of perspective followers (ie futures clients), and is 100% FREE! Whats better than that?!👇👇👇👇

1) Use “Hashtags” and make your business page Public – Even though using #s after your picture can seem a little silly or corny, this is how new followers (potential new clients) find you, and your page.

2) How often to post? – Marketing books suggest posting one AMAZING photo a day. Not too hard right? In order to keep up with this, we suggest constantly taking photos of your lash work, so that you have a stock

3) What to post? – We suggest posting pictures of your best work. Only your best. Post pictures that also reflect your unique personality. In lash pictures, include details under the picture about the lashes you used.

4)Color Scheme – In order to make your lashing Instagram aesthetically pleasing, make sure that all of your photos follow a similar theme. This does not mean that you have to use the same filter for all pictures, but choosing a style or color scheme that shows up regularly throughout your posts, will help your pictures flow from post to post. If you have an angle or style that you like to take the pictures from, stay consistent. Having a consistent theme or style will help our followers recognize your pictures and lash artwork. This is one way that you create your lashing “brand” for yourself and your business.

Hope this information could help you. If you’re interested to start your lash business in social meida, you can contact us!!!✨✨😎

Rose Eyelash Packaging Box
Rose Eyelash Packaging Box

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