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Lashes Sample Pack Order

Lashes Sample Pack Order

Mink Lashes Wholesale WhatsApp:+8615376702794 contact Hailey  Ordering sample packs.😍😍😍

Get Paypal invoice from Hailey online WhatsApp:+8615376702794

1 Plan: Mixture 16MM & 22MM & 25MM universal sample pack orders:

Total”72.50$”including 3 pairs DC & 4 pairs DN & 3 pairs DL lash and shipping to USA.

2 Plan: Mixture 25MM Strip Lashes sample pack orders: Total ”70$” including 9 pairs DL lash and shipping to USA

3 Plan: Mixture 22MM best-selling sample pack orders: Total ”75$” including 10 pairs DN lash and shipping to USA

4 Plan: Mixture 16MM natural sample pack orders: Total ONLY ”65$” including 10 pairs DC lash and shipping to USA

Where can to put order ?

Contact us on Instagam: kanabo_mink_lash_vendor

whats app: +86 15376702794


If you have any questions,please contect us,I believe we will give you the perfect solution!

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