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The difference between ordinary eyelashes and mink hair

What is the difference between grafted eyelash and mink hair

1. Different thicknesses. Mink hair is thicker than normal eyelashes.

2, easy to fall off different, mink hair material eyelashes are more difficult to fall off, can avoid the second operation; Ordinary eyelashes are easier to fall off because of their texture.

3. Different prices. Mink hair costs more because it is natural; Common eyelash is man-made material the price is a few cheaper character commonly.

It is not recommended to plant eyelashes, because eyelashes grafting is very harmful to the eyes. After a period of time, one’s eyelashes will not only fall off, but also the new eyelashes will not grow out easily. If you rub your eyes, fake eyelashes with bacteria can be rubbed into your eyes. And mink is expensive, and fake eyelashes are artificial

False eyelashes can damage your true eyelashes and cause eye problems.

There are meibomian glands buried in the upper and lower eyelid of the human eye. The openings of meibomian glands are located at the edge of the eyelid. The lipid secretions expelled form the surface of tears. If false eyelashes are used for a long time, the opening of meibomian gland may be closed and blocked, leading to abnormal ocular surface function, and thus chronic inflammation, abnormal secretion, congestion, allergy and other symptoms.

Use false eyelash for a long time, the cleanness that still can affect itself eyelash is spent. There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the base of the eyelash. Once the sweat pores are blocked, the hair follicles are at risk of infection, causing folliculitis and even purulent folliculitis.
In addition, under the long-term effect of false eyelashes, real eyelashes are easy to fall off, especially the long and thick false eyelashes, and will delay the eyelid reaction speed, which will weaken the eye’s defense function.

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