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What is the role of the hair cuticle?

What is the role of the hair cuticle?

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Why Mink Eyelashes Are So Popular?》

Do you know what Hair Cuticles are? What are the effects of hair scales on Wholesale Virgin Hair? How to distinguish whether there are hair scales?

Wholesale Hair Vendors
Wholesale Hair Vendors

What Is Hairy Scale

The structure of the Brazilian Hair Wholesale is similar to the lines of a snake. If you magnify a hair a hundred times, you will find a layer of scales attached to the surface of the hair, called hair scales. Hair scales are similar to snake skins. The hair scales are directional. Following the direction of the hair scales, the hair scales on the head are closed and the hair is very smooth. If the hair scales are opened against the direction of the hair scales, you will find that the hair is knotted and cannot be combed.

The Role Of Hair Scales

Many wig raw materials are purchased from various places, and sometimes many Wholesale Brazilian Hair are mixed together, the head and the tail are chaotic, and the hair scales are not all in the same direction. The result of this situation is that a lot of hair is mixed up, cannot be combed and cannot separate the ends.

How To Distinguish Whether Hair Has Scales

So in order to solve this situation, many Wholesale Hair Vendor will use professional machines to separate the head and the tail, or over acid treatment to remove the hair scales. The hair from which the cuticles are removed is a smooth cylinder. The advantage is that it will be particularly smooth and will not be knotted again. The disadvantage is that this kind of over-acid hair will be thinner than normal hair, which will also affect the service life of the Hair Bundles.

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