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Why the lashes styles are different from last time?

Why the lashes styles are different from last time?

Most of the customers thought the 100% Handmade Mink Lashes products quality are best. The styles are more beautiful and famous—Cuz, many customers like our 3d mink lashes. But the Mink Lashes are handmade craft products. So every different batch. Some lashes’ styles are a little different. When your customer asked you. Why is it different from last time? Don’t worry. I will teach you how to talk with your customers.

Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Eyelashes
Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

Because all our3d Mink Lashes products, 25mm Lashes are made of natural mink hairs. Animal hair is random, irregular in thickness. And not as uniform in diameter as chemical fibers. Because the thickness of each batch of hair will be slightly different. Some 3D Mink Lashes, 25mm Lashes will look different thicknesses. But the design and the design drawing are not any deviations. It will not affect the use process. Therefore as Lash Vendors knew this, they may explain this reason to your customer.
Wholesale Lash Vendors Mink Lashes Vendor 25mm Mink Lashes
Wholesale Lash Vendors Mink Lashes Vendor 25mm Mink Lashes

Handcraft can make sure the lashes curl perfectly. Every 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale pairs need our workers made it through their experiences.

There are many processes involved in the production of mink fur. Every process must be precise. The result of each method will affect the final effect of eyelashes. Our workers, to the greatest extent to retain the characteristics of eyelashes.

Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Mink Lash Vendor
Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Mink Lash Vendor


However, as Lash Vendors, you know the mink lashes products characteristic. The natural mink hairs offer you a soft feeling about your lashes. But like our real human hair, you can’t find the same two inches. 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale and 25mm lashes products bring you the best feeling when you use it. The smooth hairs, perfect curl, soft band. That’s the excellent mink lashes showed.

For Beauties. The great mink lashes depend on you to apply it comfortably or not. After using it, your eyes don’t feel uncomfortable. And the mink lashes right and left are the same. The eyelashes liner is beautiful on the eyes. That makes gorgeous lashes for you. You got perfect mink lashes.
Did you find synthetic lashes before? Isn’t it hard? You know the synthetic lashes are the same from the right and left. The synthetic fiber is stiff. So the synthetic lashes are machinery made it the same for everyone. But A thousand people have a thousand Hamlett. And we’ll make sure our 3d mink lashes and 25mm lashes difference are minimal. Then bringing it to the eye gives you the most beautiful effect.

Mink Lashes Wholesale
Mink Lashes Wholesale

Now our skilled workers improve their skills. Most of our products are the same. While ensuring beauty, but also let your eyes feel natural, relaxed. After all, beauty& safety are the most important.

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